So there I was, at the tender age of 44.  Just your average barbecue-lovin’, pie bakin’ chowhound chick. My friends used to love coming with me on romps to Queens for Sichuan food, and coming over to our place  for decadent dinner parties. But my pork eating days were numbered, because seemingly out of nowhere, I found out I had a 90% blocked artery in my heart.  Two stents later, the nutritionists were giving me my marching orders: broiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli. Now, I like chicken and broccoli just fine.  But plain, boring food?  “No fucking way,” I believe were my exact words.

Yes, the new me, kept alive by little pieces of metal, clearly had to find a new way of eating. However, I wasn’t about to settle for anything less than hearty, spicy, exciting food. My friends were skeptical the first time they came over for dinner again. But I surprised them, because I found ways around the restrictions. It took some doing, but I created apple pies made with heart-healthy oils. I made lasagna without a gram of fat – and no one could tell the difference.

Not surprisingly, my experience made my friends re-think the way they ate, too. When deciding what to make for dinner – or perhaps before biting into a pastry – my friend Tracy said she would ask herself, “What would Cathy eat?”  Thus, the inspiration for this blog.  (Thank you, Tracy!)  While my diet is far from perfect, it’s pretty damn heart-healthy.  And I don’t miss the pork.  Well … not too much, anyway.


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  1. Finally! So glad you started this blog, Cathy. It’s amazing every time I’m in a new neighborhood in brooklyn or queens, I realize you had taken me to a restaurant there 10 years ago. Thank you for introducing chowhound to me.

  2. There is nothing more empowering then taking charge of your health!! Bravo to you, and congratulations for showing everyone that being heart healthy doesn’t need to make you miserable. The food and your recipes all get my stamp of approval!

  3. This is amazing. The photographs are absolutely gorgeous AND real; not an easy trick. I love that you’re doing this: Although I do not have a stent, I am interested in eating smarter/better. One suggestion: I’d love it if you sort of called out the prep and cooking times in an easy-to-see stand-out way so i know what i’m in for. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  8. Love your website and LOVE your pics. What type of camera do you use?

    I am always looking for new quirky recipes for me and my husband. We are both vegetarians. We both want to eat healthy, organic, when possible, and budget friendly without sacrificing flavor! I am going to try several of your offerings! Thanks for the great blog – can’t wait to read more!

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  12. I’ve also had to re-evaluate how we ate. Making changes has not been easy…however, we also find that the challenges have brought us to appreciate the once and a while treat even more so.
    Here’s to taking one step at a time towards better habits.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  13. Wow!

    44 and stents.

    I admire your ability to adapt and survive. My mom got stents at 83 and I know the changes she has had to make.

    Great blog, very useful and sincere content.

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